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Are you trying the same ideas again and again to grow your business expecting different results?

Are you busy perfecting everything before you look for your first customer?

What is holding you back from being successful? Is it you?

The Biz Coach NZ is here to help you

With coaching clinics, in-depth articles, seminars and one-on-one mentoring to power up your business.

But our coaching is different. You will only benefit from it if you are willing to take action. Whether you start with small steps or bigger steps you must be ready to give it all your energy and develop habits of making changes and doing the work.

What’s the process? We start by analysing where your business is in the market today and where you want to be. Together we set up an action plan (for your time-frame) to bridge that gap.

Coaching Clinics

Interactive 2 hour clinics in small groups to answer your business questions and ensure you have an effective short term action plan.

Next clinics – Saturday 13 March 2021 10am to noon or 1pm to 3pm

Roberts Seminar Room – YMCA – 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote

Price – $39 including GST

Limited places only for action takers – call now 021 470612 to book a seat

One on one Mentoring

Are you up for the challenge? Lets analyse your business and set up an action plan. Call Robyn now on 021 470612 to arrange a free consultation.

Free stuff

Comprehensive articles about small business are published regularly on the blog page. Check out the wide range of topics covered.

Robyn Forryan of The Biz Coach NZ wants to help you now.

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Happy class attendees
Happy attendees