Are you willing to be powerful?

Are you willing to be powerful to ensure your business is successful? Or does the thought of being powerful seem too scary? After all it is a word with many bad vibes attached to it. And those vibes come about when people believe that being powerful means someone else has to be powerless.

But what if you could develop power without reducing the capacity or energy of anyone you come in contact with. Maybe then the idea of being powerful will sit more comfortably in your life.

Let’s start by looking at some definitions of power and powerful. Powerful means you are “capable of producing great effects” and power is “the capacity or ability to influence the behaviour of others or the course of events”. Neither is negative or damaging unless you choose to make them so. In fact, they describe actions which can make a very positive change in your life and in the lives or others.

If you are willing to be powerful there are a number of changes you can make that will bring your power to the fore – so let’s have a look at some now.

Are you willing to speak up?

Stop worrying right now. I am not suggesting that you need to make speeches or command the attention of roomfuls of people. But if you want to have a successful business you do need to be able to tell people how you can help them.

It isn’t possible to quietly convince people to notice you – you have to be able to speak up and engage with your potential customers in a calm and confident manner. And, you have to believe that what you are offering to them gives them value and offers a solution.

You need to use your strength to reassure, to plant ideas or to convince them to give your solution a go. You need to be willing to be powerful.

Please remember that every business involves selling – whether it is online, over the phone or face-to-face. You and everyone on your team need to be salespeople and to be willing to talk (post) about your service or product in a way that inspires confidence and trust and shows how much you believe in what you are selling. That’s what being willing to speak up means.

And you will find it is easier than you think when you are talking about how you can help them and why you want to do so rather than trying to talk someone into something that they may or may not want.

Being ready to speak up is essential in business but it also takes practise so be gentle on yourself and learn to do it on the friendliest of people first.

Are you willing to keep trying?

In business there will always be some great days and some awful days. It is easy to be engaged in your business on a great or even a good day but not so easy on an awful day. That’s where power comes in – by using grit and persistence because you know that you are taking the right actions but you just need more time.

To help your grit and persistence focus on your vision and your purpose. You started this business for a reason and that reason is still important. Remind yourself of what you want to achieve and why.

Be willing to be powerful then just take some action. Any small action will do. Action leads to a release of hormones in your brain. This makes you feel better. Feeling better motivates you to do more actions and suddenly you are back in control of fixing any problems and finding ways to satisfy more customers.

Giving up because it gets hard becomes a learned response. Something you will do repeatedly. Sticking with your business goals and not giving in can also be a learned response. Just focus on those small actions and allow yourself to change into someone who always keeps going even when it gets really hard.

You have a choice every day. To move a step closer to your business dream or to kill it dead by giving up because that’s easier. Use your power to stay in business even on an awful day.

Willing to say no

This can be a really tough battle, especially if you have nearly always said yes. If you are willing to be powerful you need to be willing to make choices. That’s what saying no means. You make choices to do the things that matter the most to you rather than allowing others to make the choices by always saying yes.

You will need to say no and goodbye to some customers who just don’t fit with your business. These are the customers who want the most attention, are never satisfied and take too long to pay you. You truly don’t need these people on the road to be successful.

You will need to say no to people who suggest catching up over a coffee. Meetings need to be intentional and time managed. Catching up over coffee is neither of these. And the people who want to do it are just using this as an opportunity to procrastinate. Powerful people don’t want to procrastinate.

You will need to say no to helping everyone out for free and for giving discounts to friends and friends of friends. Being powerful includes believing in your worth and your value. Your time and your products or services have value and you need to stop reducing this value. Learn a few new phrases such as “I would love to help but I am not available until next month because of my work – perhaps you can call me then if you still need me.” You are not saying no outright just not now. And it’s amazing how the person then goes on to find someone else to help out.

Whenever you take on a new challenge such as being willing to be powerful you need to let something else go. You truly don’t have time to do it all. You will just burn yourself out or lose time with your family and friends. So learn to say no to something in your life to be able to fit the challenge in. Check out what you do regularly but wouldn’t really miss if you stopped doing it – that could be your “no”.

Willing to be focused

If you are willing to be powerful you need to be willing to be focused. Power is not generated in a disorganised mind.

I find scheduling works really well for me. Knowing what I need to focus on at different times of the day and different days of the week means I can focus on just one task at a time. Because I spread my time over 3 completely different roles I need to be able to think about just one at a time or I would go mad.

In business you will also have different roles from marketing to accounting to operations and of course customer service. You may also have others. To stay focused on the task at hand and to ensure all the others get appropriate time spent on them you could find that scheduling works for you too. Here’s an article that will help with ideas how to massively improve the way you utilise your potential

Do you find that your brain loves to throw up new ideas all the time? Maybe you find yourself constantly wanting to try new things before you have completed the things you are already working on.

This is a sign of an unfocused mind. It often occurs because you don’t have well thought out goals and an action plan.

It is also an easy step into the land of procrastination. While you are researching on the Net about a new idea you aren’t finishing the tasks you need to be for the ideas already in place.

Being willing to be focused allows you to make the most of your time, energy and wellbeing to achieve the success that you really want.

Willing to be wrong

Are you willing to be wrong? Are you comfortable with making mistakes? Does failure just mean a step closer to success for you?

To be more powerful you need to overcome your fear of failing. In fact, you need to develop a love of being wrong, of being willing to give it a go no matter what happens.

If you are willing to be powerful then you need to embrace discomfort and the need to ensure that everything you do is right. Wrong will often lead you into discovering better, faster than trying to perfect things ever could.

No-one ever gets everything right and powerful business owners don’t care about the failures they have on the way to success – they just learn from mistakes and keeping trying.

Unsuccessful business owners hate making errors and try to always be right. They are so busy trying to perfect everything that they get overtaken by their competitors.

Sadly, we are trained at school and throughout our working lives that success is rewarded and failure is not allowed. Of course, this is completely wrong. Without experiments, failures, mistakes and learning from them we would be stuck doing things the same way for ever and nothing would ever improve.

It isn’t possible to have success without failure so learn to embrace it not be embarrassed by it. You need to be willing to say “that didn’t work so now I’ve learnt how not to do it – I wonder if this will work better”.

Willing to commit the time

Overnight success takes a very long time usually. If you are willing to be powerful you need to be willing to give it whatever it takes and that means committing lots of time.

Successful authors write every day – inspired or not. Then they edit, rewrite and edit some more. They commit the time because there work will not be successful if they don’t.

Successful performers practise every day. They rehearse, they learn lines, they repeat moves over and over and with practise they improve and maintain that improvement. Sportspeople are the same.

Successful business owners are always thinking about their business, talking about it and planning the changes they will make.

Being powerful requires tenacity and practise. Whether you are practising your sales technique, practising customer service skills or your understanding of accounting you need to keep doing it all the time.

Are you committed to giving as much time as you can to being powerful? We are all different and have changing calls on our time. You will only have a certain amount of time to commit to your business. So don’t waste this time on distractions and non-essential tasks. Understand your body clock and when you do your best work and never waste that time. Ever.

By committing your time appropriately and wisely you will ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance you can to be successful.

Are you willing to be powerful?

I am sure that you are already willingly doing some of these things but if there are areas that you could be doing better then get committed to making change. The rewards you will receive will make it so worthwhile.

To be powerful you need to be willing to say no, to keep trying, to be wrong, to commit the time, to speak up and to be focused.

If you have ideas you would like to share I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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