Are you willing to be powerful?

Are you willing to be powerful to ensure your business is successful? Or does the thought of being powerful seem too scary? After all it is a word with many bad vibes attached to it. And those vibes come about when people believe that being powerful means someone else has to be powerless. But what if you could develop power without reducing the…


Create positive change – the secret of the missing week diary

If you believe you can create positive change in your life then get comfortable and follow this story of the Missing Week Diary and the secret it can produce for you. Every year for many years I would buy a beautiful diary from a colleague who was raising funds for an environmental organisation. It was full of gorgeous pictures and great to keep…

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Do you want to smash your business goals?

A pandemic is no excuse for giving up If you aren’t doing well with your business goals this year it is very tempting to declare that it isn’t your fault – it’s Covid 19’s fault and it is outside of your control. But of course that just isn’t true. Sure there hasn’t been a Pandemic for a century, but if you look around…


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