Why your business needs to be based on your customers

How to spot your ideal customer

Wouldn’t it be great if every customer was your ideal customer? But hang on a minute – do you really know who your ideal customer is? And, before you ask, no not everyone makes an ideal customer. You will have many different types of customers but only some of them may be ideal. These ideal customers are different for every business and each…


How to build trust with communication

If you want to build trust in your business then starting with your communication is an easy but memorable way to achieve it. The easy comes about because there are some key steps to follow which I have outlined below and memorable happens because not enough businesses do a great job with communicating so you will stand out. Here are the easy steps…


Subscriptions as a business strategy – a very hot trend

Have you wondered why subscriptions as a business strategy have become so popular? It seems like a new idea that so many industries are using but do you know why it works so well? And do you have any idea why it might not always work? Read on and I will do my best to answer all your questions and more. Can you…


Get more customers now: 5 ideas that really work

Would you like to get more customers now? Would you like your past customers to keep buying more from you and recommending you to others? Of course you would. Every business wants more opportunities to build a loyal customer base. So here are 5 ideas that really work and can be started today. Get to know your existing customers better To get more…


The biggest social media lie about engaging with customers

Social media would like business owners to believe that the people following them on that platform are all potential customers. And that when you post to your page you are engaging with customers. They try to convince you that advertising to your followers and others just like them will grow and develop your business hugely. The truth is that people may respond and…


The biggest mistake a business can make – and how to avoid it

Are you planning to make the biggest mistake a business can make? One of the most common cries from small business owner’s is “how do I find more customers”? You know that feeling of being lost because you have sourced or manufactured your product or set up your service and now you are unsure of how to get the market to buy it…


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