9 tips to make a simple but useful business plan

The thought of preparing a business plan makes most small business owners go cold all over. It seems like a good idea but just not something you ever really have the time to do – until now that is. Let me offer you a simple way to prepare a plan which will grow and develop with your business. But first, does having a…


Have you missed out on these small business ideas?

The top 10 small business books I am recommending you read. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest ideas for small business and making time for reading books can be a bit of a struggle. The last thing you want to do is to make the time and then not get value for that time. That’s why I have put…


Warning: Unleashed creativity will grow your business

Have you ever wondered how to grow your business and beat your competition? Have you ever wished that you could think of new services or products or adapt old ones to make your customers happier? It’s time to stop wondering and wishing and time to unleash your creativity and ensure your business grows as it should. We are all more creative than we…


How to find a great business opportunity

Whether you are looking to start a new business or grow an existing one finding a great business opportunity or opportunities is essential. But how do you go about it? Unfortunately great opportunities in business or in life don’t usually come with a neon sign, sparkly packaging or a giant ‘X’ marking the spot. Instead it is you who needs to be able…


Do you have what it takes to be a small business owner?

You know that feeling. You keep questioning yourself and are troubled by doubts and worries. What does it take to be a business owner? Are you or aren’t you cut out to own your own business? Maybe you should just stay working for someone else. Or, maybe you really have what it takes. How can you tell? There are 8 essential areas that…


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