Motivation to take action

How self-management will change your life

One of the greatest skills you can build for your life is that of self-management. Why do I believe that? Because we all have amazing potential. But it is obvious that if we are not managing that potential then we will be wasting opportunities. Letting others control your use of your time, money and other resources prevents you from making better use of…


How to massively improve the way you utilise your potential

Are you concerned that you aren’t utilising your potential? Do you let your poor habits slow down your chance to grow your business or improve your life balance? These tips and techniques will help you to make some relatively easy changes to massively improve the way you utilise your potential in everything you do. So why would you want to make these changes?…


How to take action and achieve your goals in 2020

I’m confident you have your goals all worked out but if you are struggling to take the action needed to achieve your goals then all you are creating is frustration. The problem might be starting or it might be finishing – regardless – it’s an area where most of us need help sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great if every plan we started was…


The Zen way of overcoming fear and doubt in business

Have you ever wished there was a gentle and effective way of overcoming fear and doubt when you are getting ready to launch your small business? Certainly when you are getting to the point of taking action it is easy to become overwhelmed, in fact many small businesses never get started because of fear of failure. Which is somewhat crazy isn’t it because…


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