How to make an emotional connection with your marketing

Why would you want or need to make an emotional connection with your marketing? Well, as Seth Godin puts it so well “people don’t want what you make or do – they want the way it will make them feel”. And Maya Angelou is often credited with this quote “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people…


16 perfect ways to create business uniqueness

If you don’t know why business uniqueness is essential you might find this article 7 simple steps to ensure your business stands out useful to read first but if you get why you need business uniqueness but are finding it scary to sit by yourself and think of ways to create it; here’s 16 ideas which will help you kindle your creative flame.…


The most powerful way to market your business

What if there was a powerful way to market your business that was financial viable, morally viable and utilised your existing values and beliefs? Would you be prepared to put the time into it to ensure your business success? Hopefully you are yelling yes at your screen right now and begging me to get on with telling you more about it. This powerful…


7 simple steps to ensure your biz stands out

What makes a successful business? Customers do. Especially customers who come back and buy again and again. Successful businesses stand out in their customer’s minds and when their customers are ready to buy again they immediately think of that business as being able to help them. In fact many of their customers would not ever think of looking for alternatives because they only…


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