How to create business success

To create business success you need to be resilient, flexible, honest and passionate. There are also strategies which when utilised in your business will assist you greatly. Start by finding your market The first step in creating business success is to makke sure that there is a market for what you are going to sell before you develop your idea or make your…


7 vital steps to grow your business this year

Are you looking for ideas to grow your business this year? Of course you are. No-one wants their business to go backwards and remaining the same as you are now will gradually lead to this kind of decline so what can you do to grow your business at a rate that will work for you? Here’s 7 simple ideas – choose one or…


Are you making these mistakes in your business?

Making mistakes in your business can be costly both in financial terms and in wasted use of time. Unfortunately it is easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday tasks and to overlook these errors that can gradually creep into your business habits. If you are making any of these mistakes it is relatively easy to put corrective measures in place…


Is fear preventing you from starting a business? How to beat it now.

When it comes to advice about starting a business why is it that no-one talks about the elephant in the room? The elephant called fear. We all experience fear in different ways and amounts before we start anything new including starting a business. So what are these fears and how can we overcome or handle them? Here’s the biggest one first – failure…


Warning: Procrastination could kill your business success

Do you understand how damaging procrastination in business can be? It could be killing your business success right now, You are probably reading this now so you can avoid doing something else which is important but not particularly enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want you to stop reading but I would love to help you to understand what is really…


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