Here’s where you will find the latest ideas for small business. Ideas that are sticky and fresh. I love exploring the latest trends in business and marketing and sharing them with others. You can find the starting points here along with the author of the idea and usually reference to a book or books that will explain it further.

Once I have fully explored the ideas I will write about them in my blog and they will disappear from here to be replaced with new ideas. Visit often to make sure you don’t miss out.

Why Wet Paint? Because whenever we see a sign saying it we feel the need to test it out and see if it really is wet. Hopefully you will want to test the latest ideas for small business for yourself and give us feedback on how they worked out or just an opinion on what you think of the ideas.

Idea #1 The subscription business strategy

Just about every business can embrace this business strategy in part or in whole and the impact on your bottom line will be unbelievably good.

Check out my article – subscriptions as a business strategy, a very hot trend

Idea #2 How important are values in driving business success?

Can clearly defining your values help you to improve your chances of business success? And if it can what should you do to decide on the values you want to base your business on?

I am working on an article now to help you answer these strategic questions.

Idea #3 What are the best ways to grow trust in your business brand?

You know you need to be seen as a trusted brand but how do you go about growing that trust even when you are a new business?

Here’s the article I have just published how to build trust with communication