Create positive change – the secret of the missing week diary

If you believe you can create positive change in your life then get comfortable and follow this story of the Missing Week Diary and the secret it can produce for you.

Every year for many years I would buy a beautiful diary from a colleague who was raising funds for an environmental organisation. It was full of gorgeous pictures and great to keep at home to record social events and other activities.

Then one year the diary was delivered and I glanced through it – still stunning – but wait, this year was different. The printer had accidently printed the diary with one week missing entirely. It skipped from one date to one a week later – not something you would want in a diary.

I was offered a replacement but the more I thought about it the more I decided to keep the missing week diary. It seemed to speak of mystery and the power to create positive change in my life by offering a way to change my perspective on work and developing my own business.

But first I had to break out of my boring, unadventurous ways and let some wildness back into my life. By exploring my naughty, happy, creative inner-child I could define what I really wanted for the next part of my life.

Think about what I had when I held this diary in my hands

Suddenly I had a week where it would not be possible to record, plan to do or achieve anything but though the week had disappeared in the diary the actual time would not.

I wondered what it would be like if I too went missing for a week. I could go wild in any place I wanted. I could use the time to find my passion, to step outside my comfort zone and to let my brain have time to create positive change.

If you are like me your brain is now racing with thoughts and ideas so what follows is a plan for enjoying a secret missing week and maybe the ideas I am sharing will offer you a way to create positive change in your life too.

Imagine being freed from the calendar, the clock and a schedule

Even if it is just for a week the thought of it is incredibly exhilarating. You can do anything you want whenever you want and no-one will care – least of all you.

So here is the plan. Start by writing down your wild list (like a bucket list but naughtier). If you were leaving your normal life and world behind for a week what would you really love to do and what secret pleasures would you indulge in?

There will be constraints (like legality, finances and Pandemics) of course but within those constraints what would be your ideal wildness?

Let your imagination go crazy. Think about things you would love to do again, things you weren’t supposed to do when you were a child and things that you would only be comfortable doing when no-one else knows.

Maybe you will eat dessert for breakfast, jump in puddles, try sky-diving, stay in bed reading for a whole day or give yourself a new name and back story and be a mysterious stranger (I think that one sounds like excellent fun – should I wear a disguise?).

Cool, so now you have a bizarre and wonderful list and you are ready for the big experience.  Because your diary (unlike mine) is not missing a particular week you can choose any week that you want for your missing week adventure and then arrange the time to disappear.

But, here’s the further important step. You need to remove the week that you choose from your year. This is easy with a physical diary – you just cut the week out – but you can still hide a week if you use a digital diary and finding the way to do that will be even more fun.

Are you brave enough to give it a try?

It gets even harder – so only read on if you have real grit – the wimps can just go away.

The next step to create positive change is to move into fully secretive mode. You need to decide if you will go to a secret location or go wild at home. If you choose the home option because it’s your best option then you need to disguise the fact that you are still actually living there. It needs to become a truly different location for you for the whole week.

And, of course, this leads to the true wildness. If you are going to be missing for a week that means that there can be no contact with the usual, boring world. No phone, no email, no social media – in fact, no electronic devices at all except those which are needed to prepare food and drink and maintain your comfort.

So you may now see why a secret location will make it easier to achieve this.

And, before you ask, no you can’t just limit your digital world. To create positive change and gain growth and development from this time you need to be missing and allowing yourself to be a free person doing wild things.

If you have access to devices you know you will use them just in case someone is doing something that you need to know about. But what you will actually be missing is a chance to have extraordinary fun and to develop a new mind-set.

For this reason, wherever you choose to be for the missing week you can’t have your phone or any other internet capable device. Not even for a moment. You’ll need to find a way to get rid of them (without destroying them of course) perhaps by giving them to someone else to look after.

Let the wildness begin

So what will you do during this missing week – apart from the list of naughty, wild things that you have already chosen? You will have the time to dream, lose yourself in whatever pleasures you desire and to allow your creativity to take over. It will be a week of being crazy, being real and finding your happy place again.

Let the child out and be naughty if you wish, ignore consequences, sleep soundly, don’t worry and just let yourself be whoever you want to be.

It may take some getting used to in the first few days. I guarantee it has been a very long time since you gave yourself permission to totally please yourself. But now you have the desire and the opportunity so go for it.

And speaking of creativity, imagine how many wonderful ideas will pour into your mind as you stop worrying about the real world and indulge in the wild world that your heart desires. You will probably want to capture these – especially as the week continues and the ideas take more definite form. You might want to pack a notebook and pen just in case because creating positive change may need notes.


I can feel your resistance coming through loud and strong.

But actually, it is possible to disappear for a week if you really want it enough. You can of course tell one person where to find you just in case it proves essential but otherwise running away for a week is completely possible.

In fact it may surprise you but loads of people won’t even notice you’ve gone. Social media will continue unabated and the world will continue to turn at its usual pace.

But you will be different. You will have given yourself permission to break free from the rat-race, from the fear of missing out, from the pressure of keeping up.

You will experience craziness, pleasure, freedom and absolute reality. Just for a week you will be in charge of changing your viewpoint – possibly for the rest of your life.

And as much as you will enjoy the wildness, the naughtiness and the freedom you will also find that your heartfelt beliefs and ideas will re-surface to help you create positive change.

All that in just one week?

It may seem hard to believe but it is amazing how much thinking you can do when you remove all the other distractions. I remember staying one night in a Youth Hostel which was a converted school. I was the only person staying there and an incredible thunderstorm struck. The windows had no curtains (and there were loads of windows) and I really felt the intensity of the storm. I felt so tiny compared to the vastness of nature. The change was starting to happen.

There is huge power in removing your thinking from the everyday tasks that consume your life and instead allow it roam creatively. The wildness just helps distract you from those mundane thoughts and worries that will otherwise take over and let’s be honest – wildness is just great fun.

So what are you waiting for? If you want the power to create positive change in your life then start with your naughty list today and lose that week from your diary as soon as you can. I know you won’t regret it.

© Robyn Forryan 2020

The Biz Coach NZ

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